“Heritage science” is a relatively new term for the complex research on our cultural heritage, including treatment, conservation, interpretation and documentation. E-RIHS.hu is the Hungarian node of the European Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS).

In addition to archaeology, museology, art history, anthropology and palaeontology, this field is increasingly dominated by analytical methods, including especially the almost non-destructive, physical procedures and their development. MTA Atomki has several decades of traditions in this type of research.

Heritage science is a dynamically developing area. The ESFRI Roadmap took up the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science (E-RIHS) initiative in March 2016, which unites high-quality European analytical facilities, laboratories and museums to create a unique pan-European research infrastructure.

As a result of the HSLab project, Atomki aims to be one of the internationally recognized hubs of this multidisciplinary distributed research infrastructure.

In the preparatory phase Hungary is represented by the E-RIHS.hu consortium led by Atomki, with the participation of Wigner FK, EK, and the Hungarian National Museum.